Previous Versions

Change log

Version 1.5.5
  • Fixes Tabs can be closed by drag/dropping #142
  • Fixes Splitter bar appears behind some other windows when dragged #141
  • Fixes Non-integral chrome zooms cause layout issues #137
  • Fixes Temporary "drag" items don't get destroyed if not dropped #133
  • Fix for click-holding on an item and not moving the mouse causing that item to be removed.
  • Merges PR Adds Round down the additionalPixel to prevent an extra pixel creeping in #138
  • Merges PR Fixes issue including files with incorrect capitalisation on case-sensitive platforms #136
  • Merges PR Added support for individual item minimum size #130
  • Merges PR Add position:relative to .lm_content to enable absolute positioning within the panels #128
  • Merges PR add a showed event #124
  • Merges PR Fixed three sources of memory leaks when destroying the LayoutManager #119
  • Merges PR Set title attribute on tab to match lm_tab in main layout. #107
  • Merges PR Typescript typing information #103
Version 1.5.1
  • Fixes React component type is not recognised by createContentItem #87
  • Fixes a stack overflow when iterating over React properties #92
  • Fixes an incorrect 'this' argument when calling the original React components 'componentWillUpdate' method #92
Version 1.5.0
  • Added support for ReactJS components
  • Changed License to MIT
  • Fixes hasHeaders=false error #76
  • Fixes jQuery Version mismatch #44
  • Fixes NPM dist path #42
Version 1.0.10
  • Fixed hidden panel bug when using nested stacks
Version 1.0.9 Version 1.0.8
  • Added isClosable check for rows and columns
Version 1.0.7
  • Fixed check for maximised window #31
  • Fixed set size for rows #37
  • Added support for JSPM #35
Version 1.0.6
  • Configuration for new windows is now passed through localStorage rather than URL parameter #23
  • #23 also closes the XSS attack vector created by passing config through the url which fixes #28
  • Allow empty dashboards #24
  • Fixed resizing bug for maximised components #25
  • Added strip-tags for title in popout windows. Also removed XSS filtering since configuration is now safely passed through localStorage (see #23). #18
Version 1.0.5
  • Added basic touch event support #4
  • Fixed state change on DragProxy bug #15
  • Added support for reorderEnabled attribute on an item level #13
Version 1.0.4
  • Full support for HTML in title attributes / tabs #6
  • Middle mouse button now closes tab #7
  • layout emits 'tabCreated' event for every tab #6
  • Added support for empty stacks #5
  • 'isClosable: false' now prevents item from being destroyed if it is the only child of its parent #5